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Reclaim it committed to serving our community in helping expand clients potential while improving quality of life.  Wellness is a continuous personal journey throughout life. 

Reclaim Midline Strength

Coach Julie is certified to coach women through pregnancy and postpartum.

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Coach Julie takes a holistic approach to coaching focusing on mental, emotional, and physical health. 

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Reclaim offers virtual and in-person coaching sessions. 

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Meet the Coach

Julie Denny Nutrition Guidance

My name is Julie Denny. I am married to my childhood sweetheart and have three beautiful daughters. We are a military family stationed at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. I was born and raised in Michigan. My love for softball started at an early age and was my driving factor growing up. That drive led me to becoming a collegiate athlete. Being a collegiate athlete shaped the passion I have for fitness and nutrition.

My coaching career started off as a CrossFit level one certified coach in 2018. Going from the athlete to coach was terrifying and exhilarating for me. It was no longer the love of the game that drove me, but the positive impact that I had in athletes’ lives. My love for coaching grew and took off from there. I am now a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism Coach, Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer, CrossFit Kids Coach and CrossFit Level 2 Coach.

I started Reclaim after my third daughter was born to help other female athletes train through pregnancy and postpartum. Reclaim Fitness has grown into strength based programs suitable for the whole family. My passion is to help others love their bodies, improve wellness, and find enjoyment in a healthy sustainable living.

What works for you?

Flexible plans that fit any busy schedule.

Nutrition coaching

We take a healthy approach to fueling the body to achieve individual goals. This is going to look differently for everyone. Nutrition coaching includes customized nutrition plans that fit your lifestyle and virtual weekly check-ins to get the most out of your nutrition. 

$100+tax monthly

Reclaim programming

Original Reclaim programming specific for women focusing on core and pelvic floor health. Safe for pregnant and postpartum clients. Programming can be done online with virtual support or in-person sessions. 

online only: $50+tax monthly

4 (60 min) in-person sessions: $180+tax monthly

personal programming

Personalized online programming just for you! Great for those looking for specific results towards a personal goal with customized exercises that can be done at home or at a gym. Daily accountability, scheduled check-ins, and virtual support.

$80+tax monthly

Personal training

Hands on and personalized workout sessions specific to each individual. This is great for clients looking for personalized training for specific fitness goals. Personal training programming is designed to have workouts done at home between in-person sessions. 

60 min session: $60+tax
4 (60 min) sessions: $180+ monthly

Wellness Coaching

Wellness package focusing on helping clients change nutritional habits, prioritizing health, and implementing a fitness routine. Weekly meetings, personal programming, and individualized nutrition plans all in one package.  Great for individuals looking to improve overall wellness! 

Virtually: $200+tax monthly

In-person: $250+tax monthly

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